This house was once home to Judge Joseph Holt, one of the most prominent people in all of Kentucky.  Holt was Commissioner of Patents, Postmaster General and Secretary of War in President Buchanan’s Administration, 1857-1861. Lincoln named him Judge Advocate General of the Union army in 1862. Holt prosecuted conspirators in the assassination of Lincoln, 1865.  The home has many features of an Italianate villa. The walls of the house are 14″ thick. The ground floor has three 20′ by 22′ rooms with 14′ ceilings. Another 20′ by 22′ room used as a kitchen and dining room extends off the back of the house. The second floor has three 20′ by 22′ rooms with 12′ ceilings. The third floor is the same only with 10′ ceilings. Between each of the three rooms on each floor there is a 12′ hallway with a winding staircase that extends to all three levels. It is currently undergoing an extensive renovation.