The magnificent 18-room mansion stands in the heart of one of Lexington’s most beautiful residential districts, as a reminder of the rich heritage left by Henry Clay and his descendants. This National Historic Landmark houses the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation and historic house museum, boasting a rare collection comprised almost exclusively of original Clay family items. Several historic outbuildings, a formal garden and 17 acres of wooded parkland complete Ashland’s graceful setting.
Henry Clay was a prominent figure in American History, he held the positions of lawyer, state representative, United States Senator, Congressman, Speaker of the House, a peace commissioner, Secretary of State, and architect on the Missouri Compromise.  The house that can be viewed now is actually not the house that Clay lived in.  His son, James Brown Clay, had the original torn down and a new one built on the foundation of the original one because the original house was in poor condition.
The Henry Clay House
120 Sycamore Rd.
Lexington, KY 40502